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hurdle helps organisations of all sizes and shapes, across multiple geographies, to connect, learn and engage. Using hurdles environment is far more conducive than that of a basic online meeting application.

Whether you deliver training within an organisation, as an external training provider or are involved in the demonstration, handover or testing of anything PC-based, hurdle has you covered.

Instructor Led Training

The instructor can present the learning to the virtual classroom and then watch the learners complete any relevant exercises. At all times the instructor can take control of the students desktop and offer support as needed.

User Acceptance Testing

Great for providing handover training or testing with a group of software users, allowing you to remain in control and provide support to the group.

Test or Exam Monitoring

For scenarios where an invigilator must be able to see both the learners webcam and their desktop screen to make sure the environment is compliant to their conditions, hurdle enables this.

Effective Demos & HR

Whether you’re needing to onboard new staff members, conduct demonstrations of software applications, perform sales demonstations, or take a group through a simultaneous presentation, hurdle covers all the bases. 

Discover how hurdle can help in your scenario.

"We are excited to see the improvements hurdle will bring to our teams learning experience. This technology is exactly what we need to support remote learning here in our NHS Trust."

Katherine Marland


"Using hurdle for remote Microsoft office training was a great experience. Not only were we able to practice with the trainer guiding us through by seeing our screens but were also able to include other team members from as far away as Dubai, improving inclusivity within our worldwide team. An excellent platform for software training and one we will continue to use."

Poonam Bhatt

Talent Manager, Ischebeck Titan

"It’s great that we could see how our clients were getting on using the software and could help them out if needed. Excellent training tool and would highly recommend!"

Liam Patrick

Director, Auriga Plus Ltd

"As a Digital trainer, I enjoy introducing new ideas to keep my learner engaged. hurdle has enabled me to be visually interactive with my learners via a virtual classroom environment. I can have instant feedback; all participants can contribute no matter where they are. I feel confident that my learners have had a full classroom experience but through hybrid learning. As a Trust, being given the opportunity to introduce hurdle learning platform has allowed us to reimagine and re-invent education by introducing an in-person distance learning approach."

Claire Jacques


"Enjoyed using the virtual classroom, preferred it to being in an actual classroom environment. Thanks for a great learning experience. Having the practical element really helped me."

Learners from Lancashire


"Using hurdle to deliver my software training sessions is not only simple to use, the delegates were engaged and were able to practice whilst I saw what they were doing to ensure understanding. Feedback proved that hurdle offers a far better remote learning experience than other online tools I have used before."

Ben Karst

Software Trainer, Woodthorpe IT

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