Level up your training with hurdle.


The complete online classroom experience.

From bi-directional screen sharing, live video & voice streaming to digital ‘hands-up’ and instructor to learner screen take-over; hurdle has everything you need to digitise your classroom, without the need for basic online meeting tools.

Discover the power of hurdle in action!

'Back of the Room' View
See all of your learner's screens in one grid, so you can monitor everyone's progress simultaneously.

Virtual Environment

Choose whether to provide learners with a virtual computer desktop within their hurdle session.

Virtual Hand-Up

Learners can get the trainer's attention by using the virtual hand-up button.

Two-Way Chat

Easily converse with text-based chat privately from the rest of the class.

Take Control

Trainers can take control of a learners desktop in a click.

Microphone Control

Be in charge of who gets to speak and when with class microphone control.

'Over Shoulder' View

Get a full-screen view of an individual learner's desktop.


Focus on training and not technology issues!

Win back control of your lesson with the power of an easy to use, feature-rich digital classroom, that’s pain free for everyone.

Giving you the view that you need.

Whether you want to sit back and watch the actions of your whole class as one, or focus on the needs of one particular learner; hurdle provides simple to switch views from what we call ‘Back of the Room’ and ‘Over the Shoulder’ views.

Hurdle Back of the Class
The "Over the Shoulder" view of hurdle. This is what the instructor sees when looking at a students machine.


Learners and trainers are able to use hurdle without the virtual computer lab by using their own local computer instead. The screens are shared in the hurdle platform for the trainer and students to see.

hurdle with lab

Learners access a virtual computer lab where the applications relevant to their training session are chosen and pre-installed by the customer, so they can focus solely on the training being delivered.

Using hurdle in a way that suits your needs.

At hurdle we believe training sessions should be practice ledInstructors can setup training courses to allow students to practice with their own desktop or using a templated lab desktop within hurdle

Why not just use an online meeting app?

You might be wondering how hurdle differs from simply using one of the leading online meeting applications, such as Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting or Microsoft Teams?

hurdle is an app built specially to deliver software training, not just a meeting application.

Meeting Apps
Group Voice & Video Calls
Chat Messaging
Whiteboard / Annotation Tools
Present Desktop to Attendees (Enhanced)
All Learner Desktops and Webcams Shared With Trainer
Practice Labs
Easy to Use - Intuitive Features
Classroom Management Tools

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